When did you buy the site?

The Foundation bought the site In January 2018.


Do you have planning permission?

Yes. Outline Planning Permission for demolition was secured July 2017. Detailed planning permission will be required for each phase of the project.


How do you know these are the right projects for the Schools?

We have consulted with the Heads of all schools, key academic staff as well as the governors.

We have also conducted two pieces of research:

1. Parent Survey – our survey, conducted in spring 2018, tested all the proposed projects, allowing participants to select favoured projects and add additional comments. All projects received support, with the most popular being the swimming pool and sports facilities.

2. Feasibility Study – a fundraising feasibility study was conducted from January to March 2018 testing the viability of the plans from a fundraising perspective. The findings were positive, with results of favoured projects reflecting those of the parent survey.


When do you expect that all the facilities will be open?

The development will be staggered. Projects will be completed individually to allow time for funds to be raised and to accommodate the logistics of construction. We expect demolition to begin during the latter part of 2019, with the first project beginning once detailed planning permission has been secured and sufficient funds raised. We hope to have the Clayton Campus fully developed by the 2025.


Will the pool be open to the public?

The Bursar is currently considering financial models for the pool and multi-use pitch. It is our intention to open the facilities to external users outside of school hours, evenings, weekends and school holidays, to provide a benefit to the community as well as a long-term revenue stream for the Foundation. This decision will be made by the governors once all options have been considered.


What will happen to the current sports pitches?

Our sports pitches will remain in use and will be used in addition to the new facilities.


Can we have a pick-up/drop-off area built in to the plans?

In an ideal world, we would love to reduce the congestion at the start and the end of the school day by providing such a facility. We are unsure as to whether there is a workable solution; however, we will engage Traffic and Highway Consultants to explore the possibility of providing a dedicated drop off/ pick up area.